Spindle Adjustment & Eccentric Maintenance

This Information is for the pre 2005 Set Screw Type Eccentrics

Removing the Eccentrics

When servicing the eccentrics, it is best to remove them from the bike first. To do this all you have to do is loosen the set screws under the bottom bracket shells.
If the eccentrics do not come out by hand after backing the set screws out by three to four turns, then you may have to rotate the eccentric to break it loose.

Use a 36mm wrench or pin spanner wrench and work the eccentric back and forth until you can work it out of the shell.

Removing the Spindles

There are two models of our eccentrics / spindles. The collared model has a shoulderless spindle. The bearings and spindle are held in position by two locating collars. (See illustration). The snapring model uses snaprings to hold the bearings in place and a shoulder on the spindle to hold the spindle in place.

Collared Model

You will need to loosen the three set screws on one of the locating collars. The set screws take a small 2mm allen wrench, so take care to stick the allen wrench all the way into the set screw before loosening or tightening. Only back the screws out ½ to 1 turn. There is only one place on each side of the eccentric to get to the set screws. (See illustration).
You will only need to loosen one of the locating collars in order to remove the bearings and spindle.

Next, tap the spindle out from the same side you loosened the collar. If the spindle does not come out by hand, use a soft mallet or block of wood to tap it out.

If you remove only one collar and remember which direction the spindle came out, you will not need to realign the spindle for proper chainline. The shorter spindle goes in the front.


Snapring Model

To remove the spindle on the snapring model, simply remove the snaprings and tap the spindle from one side. Use a soft mallet or block of wood so you do not damage the spindle. One of the bearings will come out with the spindle.

The shoulders are not centered on most of the spindle lengths, so mark the direction the spindle came out and reinstall in the same direction for proper chain alignment. The shorter spindle goes in the front.

Removing and Cleaning the Bearings

See Intermediate Shaft Bearing for instructions.