Intermediate Shaft Bearings

Removing the Bearings

Pry the bearing spacer off center with a flat punch.
Lightly tap the inner race of the bearing from the inside. You want the bearing to come out as straight as possible, so alternate tapping on the top and bottom of the inner race. It is important to only tap on the inner race or you will damage the bearing seal and possibly destroy the bearing.


Cleaning and Greasing the Bearings

Insert the tip (less than 1mm) of an X-Acto knife or small jeweler’s screwdriver between the inner race and rubber seal, and very lightly pry the seal off. Be careful not to break the tip of the tool off inside the bearing or bend the seal. Remove both seals on both bearings.
Wipe the seals clean with a lint free cloth. Again, be careful not to bend the seals. They are delicate.

Soak the bearings in solvent, de-greaser, carburetor cleaner or brake cleaner.

When all the grease is softened or dissolved, blow the bearing dry with compressed air (wear protective eye things). If you do not have compressed air, an aerosol carburetor or brake cleaner will do nicely. You’ll just have to wait a little longer for the bearings to dry completely.

Pack both sides of the bearings with your favorite grease, press the seals back on, and wipe off the excess grease.