Intermediate Shaft


Disassemble the Intermediate Shaft & Remove the Timing Chains Without Loosening the Eccentrics

If you do not have da Vinci Tool TL.001, insert two 5mm allen wrenches all the way into any two opposite holes of the DFB (Double Freewheel Block). Use a pry bar or wrench as shown in the photo.

Double Freewheel Block Tool for da Vinci Designs ICS service


You will also need a chain whip to break the assembly loose. Wrap the chain whip around the second or third chainring on the Spline Drive and rotate the chainrings forward (clockwise looking from the right side of the bike). Do this while holding the pry bar. This will take a great deal of force to loosen. REMEMBER! THE PARTS HAVE A LEFT HAND THREAD!

As you are unthreading the Spline Drive, the DFB will move to the left (away from the bike). At this point you should no longer need the allen wrenches or pry bar. Continue unthreading by hand. If you are doing this with the timing chains still on the bike, you will need to push the assembly to the right to prevent putting a side load on the timing chains. Do this by smacking the outside (left side) of the DFB with your hand, rubber mallet or any soft object. Continue unthreading and smacking until the DFB is loose from the Spline Drive.

Pull the Spline Drive out of the Bottom Bracket Body. Now the timing chains will come off by hand.

Remove and Replace the Bottom Bracket Body

With the Intermediate Shaft out, use a lockring spanner wrench to remove the Lockring. If the Bottom Bracket Body rotates, use a pin spanner on the opposite side of the Bottom Bracket Body to keep it from slipping.

Pull the Bottom Bracket Body out of the frame shell and wipe it clean.

When you replace the Bottom Bracket Body grease the external threads and the inside of the frame shell.

The Bottom Bracket Body slides into the frame shell from the left side of the bike.

Removing the Bearings: See Intermediate Shaft Bearing

Reassemble the Intermediate Shaft

Grease the threads and shaft of the Spline Drive and slide one of the bearings onto the Spline Drive followed by the Bearing Spacer.

Slide the assembly into the Bottom Bracket Body from the right side of the bike.

Press the second bearing onto the Spline Drive and thread the DFB onto the Spline Drive by hand.

Center the bearings in the Bottom Bracket Body and tighten the assembly to seat the bearings, using the tools and techniques covered in “Disassemble the Intermediate Shaft.” Remember the DFB has a left hand thread so you will turn it counterclockwise to tighten. There is no need to tighten the assembly more than is necessary to seat the bearings.

If you did not loosen the Eccentrics or remove the timing chains, you will need to pull the DFB back off and pull the Spline Drive out until it is only sticking out of the Bottom Bracket Body by about 1/2″.

Hang the timing chains from the timing chainrings and maneuver the chains onto the DFB and Freewheels. The front chain goes on the inside (right) freewheel and the rear chain goes on the outside (left) freewheel. This may take a little patience, but once the chains are in place, the DFB should hang freely without falling out of the “cradle-of-chains.”

Center the DFB on the Spline Drive and tighten the assembly by hand, just as you did to seat the bearings. When you pedal the bicycle the DFB will finish tightening itself.