If you have a da Vinci Designs tandem and would like to upgrade to electric assist, you can do it with this frame kit and most of your parts for $4695

Included in this kit:

  • 7005 Reynolds Aluminum frame
  • OLI Move 80nm motor, computer display, and control buttons
  • 522Wh, 14.5ah battery, mount, key lock, and charger
  • New front cranks
  • New intermediate shaft and necessary parts to move the front timing chain to the right side
  • Chain tensioner, roller, and bearings

Other details:
The above price if for a stock frame size (see sizes below) and painted Lunar Silver
Custom sizes and colors are available for additional charges
The frame has a 44mm I.D. head tube, fits 31.6mm seatposts, and designed for 700c wheels. If any of those do not match what you have, you will need additional parts to work, or a custom frame.


Tailwind II
Small Medium/Small Large/Small  
Front Seat Tube C/T
19.5″(49.5cm) 21″(53.3cm) 22″(55.9cm)  
Rear Seat Tube C/T
16.75″(42.5cm) 16.75″(42.5cm) 16.75″(42.5cm)  
Front Seat Tube C/C
16.8″(42.7cm) 18.3″(46.5cm) 19.3″(49.1cm)  
Rear Seat Tube C/C
14″(35.7cm) 14″(35.7cm) 14″(35.7cm)  
Front Standover* 29.4″(74.8cm) 30.4″(77.3cm) 31.8″(80.7cm)  
Rear Standover* 26.1″(66.2cm) 26.1″(66.2cm) 26.1″(66.2cm))  
Front Top Tube
21.5″(54.6cm) 22″(56cm) 22.5″(57.2cm)  
Rear Top Tube
28.25″(71.8cm) 28.25″(71.8cm) 28.25″(71.8cm)  
Head / Seat Tube
73/73 Deg. 73/73 Deg. 73/73 Deg.  
BB Height * 10.5″(27cm) 10.5″(27cm) 10.5″(27cm)  
(See drawing “R”)
14.6″(37cm) 14.8″(37.7cm) 15″(38.1cm)  
(See drawing “S”)
22.7″(57.6cm) 23.4″(59.4cm) 24.6″(62.4cm)  

*These dimensions are accurate with 700x32mm tires