Tailwind II Frame Kit

If you have a da Vinci Designs tandem and would like to upgrade to electric assist, you can do it with this frame kit and most of your parts for $4595

Tailwind II Road
Tailwind II Hybrid Electric Assist Tandem

Included in this kit:
7005 Reynolds Aluminum frame
OLI Move 80nm motor, computer display, and control buttons
522Wh, 14.5ah battery, mount, key lock, and charger
New front cranks
New intermediate shaft and necessary parts to move the front timing chain to the right side
Chain tensioner, roller, and bearings

Other details:
The above price if for a stock frame size (see sizes below) and painted Lunar Silver
Custom sizes and colors are available for additional charges
The frame has a 44mm I.D. head tube and takes 31.6mm seatposts


Tailwind II
Small Medium/Small Large/Small
Front Seat Tube C/T
19.5″(49.5cm) 21″(53.3cm) 22″(55.9cm)
Rear Seat Tube C/T
16.75″(42.5cm) 16.75″(42.5cm) 16.75″(42.5cm)
Front Seat Tube C/C
16.8″(42.7cm) 18.3″(46.5cm) 19.3″(49.1cm)
Rear Seat Tube C/C
14″(35.7cm) 14″(35.7cm) 14″(35.7cm)
Front Standover* 29.4″(74.8cm) 30.4″(77.3cm) 31.8″(80.7cm)
Rear Standover* 26.1″(66.2cm) 26.1″(66.2cm) 26.1″(66.2cm))
Front Top Tube
21.5″(54.6cm) 22″(56cm) 22.5″(57.2cm)
Rear Top Tube
28.25″(71.8cm) 28.25″(71.8cm) 28.25″(71.8cm)
Head / Seat Tube
73/73 Deg. 73/73 Deg. 73/73 Deg.
BB Height * 10.5″(27cm) 10.5″(27cm) 10.5″(27cm)
(See drawing “R”)
14.6″(37cm) 14.8″(37.7cm) 15″(38.1cm)
(See drawing “S”)
22.7″(57.6cm) 23.4″(59.4cm) 24.6″(62.4cm)

*These dimensions are accurate with 700x32mm tires