These are recommended tools and hardware to maintain your da Vinci tandem

Double Freewheel Block Tool $18
This is a specially made tool to make servicing our drivetrain easier.

Pin Spanner $9
Used for adjusting the eccentrics to adjust for timing chain wear.

Quick Link Tire Lever $14/pr (Arriving soon)
These clever tire levers are also quick link chain pliers to easily take apart your quick link.

Long Handle 8mm Hex Key Wrench (Allen Wrench) $4 (Arriving soon)
This it to tighten and remove your cranks – A great tool to use with self extracting crank bolts (See below)

Park 3-Way Wrench – A must have tool for any home mechanic
AWS-1 (4mm, 5mm, 6mm) $10
orĀ  AWS-7C (4mm, 5mm, Torx 25) $11

AWS-1 or AWS-7C

S&S Coupler Double Spanner / Pedal Wrench Standard $28, Long Handle $32