joint adventure

da Vinci Designs Joint AdVenture Tandem 26″ or 700c
Di2  3 x 11 Electronic Shifting Shift Upgrade Available Now
NEW! Electric Assist Option

High quality component package on an off-road tandem.Available in:

Chrome-moly Steel (with and without S&S Couplers)
Custom Reynolds 7005 Aluminum (without S&S Couplers)
Titanium (with and without S&S Couplers)
Carbon Fiber (with and without S&S Couplers)

Frame Material
Retail Prices
$5595  Reynolds Chrome-moly Steel
$7495  Chrome-moly with S&S Couplers*
$5995  Custom Reynolds 7005 Aluminum
$9095  Titanium
$12995 Titanium with S&S Couplers*
$9395  Carbon Fiber
$12295 Carbon Fiber with S&S Couplers*
*S&S Couplers allow the frame to be taken apart and fit into a small travel case. Also includes : reusable frame pads, Easy-Split cable separators, and self extracting crank bolts.
Shifters Shimano XT 3×11 –   –  Option XT Di2
Rear Deraileur Shimano XT –    –  Option XT Di2
Front Deraileur Triple –               –  Option  XTR  Di2
Brakes Avid BB7 Front and Rear Disc with 200mm rotors
(*** New for 2019, Front disc brake are now standard ***)
Front Bars Flat or riser mountain bars
Rear Bars Profile Stoker 26 – 47cm
Front Stem Thomson Elite X2
Rear Stem Control Tech Adjustable Stoker
Cranks da Vinci Designs Billet Machined (wide choice of lengths)
Rear Cogs 11-36 or 11-40
Driving Gears Shimano Hyperglide 13-21-29
Equivalent to 24-39-55 or even lower gear options
Eccentrics da Vinci Designs
Front Hub White Industries
Rear Hub White Industries Tandem Disc – 145mm
Rims da Vinci Designs V-23
Tires Panaracer RIBMO 26×1.5
Front Seatpost Thomson Elite 31.6mm
Rear Seatpost Cane Creek Thudbuster ST or LT
Saddles Selle Italia Man Flow and/or Lady Flow
Colors Click here to see the Paint Colors page

da Vinci Designs – Options  & Upgrades

Package #1 – $675
Carbon Fiber Fork
White Industries Freewheels for ICS
Cane Creek 110 Headset
House of Kolor Kandy or Two color fade Paint job
Package #3 – $1195
Carbon Fiber Fork
White Industries Freewheels for ICS
Cane Creek 110 Headset
House of Kolor Kandy or Two color fade Paint job
Rolf Prima, or Spinergy Tandems Wheels

Shimano Di2 electronic shifting  $2200 upgrade
XT & XTR 11×3 with Handlebar Display unit so you can see what gear (front and rear) you are in as well as battery level and easy charging port and an incredible range of gears.

NEW Shimano Di2 with hydraulic disc brakes  $2800 upgrade
Same as above with XT hydraulic disc brakes and 203mm IceTech rotors

200mm, 180mm, 175mm, 172.5mm, 170mm, 167.5mm, 165mm, 160mm, 150mm, 3 hole 130/150/170mm, or 3 hole 120/140/160mm


(F= Folding, W=Wire bead)
Description Actual
Panaracer RIBMO 26″x1.25″ /F Great, long wearing, stable, fast,
and good puncture resistance.
1.18″ (30mm) 355g
Panaracer RIBMO 26″x1.5″ /F Wider version of above tire.  1.56″
Kenda Kwick Roller Sport 26×1.25″ /W Good tandem road tire. Long wearing 1.13″ (29mm)
Kenda Kwick Roller Sport 26×1.5″ /W Wider Version of above. 1.5″
We have other tires. We stock tires from skinny to knobby, please ask.


Captain Stem

10 deg. rise 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm N/C
17 deg. rise 60, 75, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm N/C
25 deg. rise 75, 90, 105,120mm N/C
40 deg. rise 75, 90, 105,120mm N/C



Captain Bars

Flat Mountain Bars Standard on our offroad model N/C
Riser Mountain Bars $20
ENVE CF Bars ENVE Composites flat or riser $MP


Stoker Stem

Control Tech Adjustable Long 200 to 255mm. They can be cut shorter. N/C
Control Tech Adjustable Medium 170 to 225mm. They can be cut shorter N/C
Extra Stoker Boom Long stoker stem boom to switch between an adult and child stoker,
and the adjustment of the stoker stem is not enough.
2″ (50mm) Stem Riser This stem extension works with most bars to raise,
or move it closer. .
Fixed Length Titanium Half the weight of an adjustable stem. Available in 160mm, 180mm, or 200mm. Custom length available for addition cost. . $125


Stoker handlebars

Profile Stoker Bars 47cm wide Light, comfortable, multiple hand positions. Allows most fore/aft reach
Profile WingA Stoker Bar 46cm Same as above with OS Clamp (31.8mm) “Wing” flat area for comfort. $37
Profile Cobra Wing Stoker Bar 46cm Some as T2 Wing above but carbon fiber, lighter, and hand contours for even more comfort. $225
46cm Wide Drop Bars Wide drop bars to clear the captain’s hips (price includes Cane Creek stoker levers). $50
44cm Profile Cobra Drop Bars Profile Cobra carbon fiber drop bars with Cane Creek stoker lever. $275
44cm ENVE Composites Drop Bars ENVE Composites carbon fiber drop bars with Cane Creek stoker lever. $360
Flat Mountain Bars Some prefer the wider flat bars. Lighter, too. N/C
25 to 90mm Riser Bars For tall stokers with short captains, or stokers who like to sit up more. $20
Bar ends Add comfort and hand positions to flat bars or riser bars. $25


Child Adapter

Child Kit Clamps to rear seat tube for higher crank location. Price includes
BB Spindle and length of chain. This works great with our Three Hole Cranks
Little Stoker Kid Cranks OUT OF STOCK- Re-machined Shimano XT Cranks two holes, 125 and 145mm. N/A
Extra Stoker Boom Long stoker stem boom to switch between an adult and child stoker,
and the adjustment of the stoker stem is not enough.


Stoker Seatposts

Thudbuster Short Travel Lightest shockpost we stock., 440g.
Includes different elastomers to tune spring rate.
Thudbuster Long Travel Longest Travel, requires 144mm from saddle rails to top of seat tube, 565g.
Includes different elastomers to tune spring rate.
Great alternative to a Softride Beam.
Kinekt Seatpost 2.1 Advanced suspension design *** Add $100  529g



Sella Italia Man Flow (TransAm) and/or Lady Flow (TransAm)
Velo Pronto and Serina Men’s and/or Women’s
We have other saddles. Call to inquire.

Other Upgrades, Options and Additions

Wound Up Carbon Fiber Fork, available for 26″, 700c and front disc brake Great comfort and performance upgrade $425
Carbon Fiber Fork Light, strong and more “traditional” looking carbon fiber. Tapered steerer, 15mm thru-axle, room for 700x40mm tires $425
Co-Lab Carbon Fiber CX  Strong, tapered steerer, 15mm axle, “everything rack” mounts, Lowrider mounts, dyno hub wire routing. Taller than other forks. Room for 700×45 with fender or 50mm without. $425
XT Hydraulic Disc Brakes XT four piston disc brakes with IceTech 203mm rotors $600
White Industries Freewheels These are the highest quality freewheels made and have been adapted to our Independent Coasting Drivetrain. Durable, precision, and sealed. 17, 18, or 19 tooth $185
Titanium Bottom Brackets Same design as stock (See Components page) Save 55g each or 110g per tandem $75 ea
Cane Creek 110 Headset The best headsets money can buy. Cane Creek has 110 year Warrantee. $75
Black Hubs and Spokes This option is for bikes with White Industry Hubs and V-23 rims. $40
Rolf Tandem Wheels Through exclusive arrangements with Rolf, now available for 26″ road tandems as well as the standard 700c $600
Spinergy TX2 Tandem  Light, durable, and very comfortable. $600

We use only the highest quality PPG and House of Kolor paint.
All bikes are painted with primer, base coat and clear coat.
The colors on your computer may not look exactly the same as is does in person.

Custom Colors & Paint Jobs

None stock colors (most colors) – add ~$60 ea

Pearl added to clear coat – – – – – add $40

House of Kolor Kandy colors – – – – add $100

Two color fades – – – – – – – – – – add $100

Three color fades – – – – – – – – – add $150

Kameleon (Shade Shifter) – – – – – add $200

Flames or similar masking – – – – – add $250 +/-

Midnight Blue – 5674 • Dark metallic blue. We first saw this color on a Honda CRV and had to add it to our selection.
Stratto Blue – HOK BC04 • Bright metallic royal blue.
Lapis Blue – HOK BC05 • This is an updated version of the Viper Blue which was one of the most popular colors we have used.
Lake Violet Pearl – HOK PBC63 • Very pearlescent. It can look blue or blue/purple in different light.
Passion Pearl – HOK PBC65 • Very pearlescent. This color looks stunning faded with the Lake Violet Pearl.
Pavo Purple – HOK BC10 • Metallic purple.
Blueblood – HOK SG105 • Non metallic or pearl, just very very red.
Tangelo – HOK PBC32 • Pearlescent orange
Sunrise – HOK PBC30
Designo Green – 401131
Cosmic Green – 48929 • This has been a very popular color. Metallic green found on certain VW’s.
Emerald Green – HOK PBC59 • This metallic dark green has a hint of blue like British racing green.
Black – 9700 • Black is beautiful. This is also the easiest color to match the touch up for bikes that will see the abuse of travel.
White – HOK BC26
Snow White Pearl – HOK PBC44 • Very pearlescent, almost metallic silver looking.
Orion Silver – HOK BC02 • Bright metallic silver. This is the base color for all Kandy paint jobs.
Champange – 5411
Titanium Silver – 350004 • This was the closest match we could find to media blasted titanium.
Kandy Apple Red – UK11 • This is the sexiest red around.
Kandy Tangerine – UK08 • Another tragically hip color.
Kandy Pegan Gold – UK12
Kandy Oriental Blue – UK04 • A brighter, deeper version of Stratto Blue.
Kandy Colbalt Blue – UK05 • Dark purple-ish blue that looks like it has been plugged in an oulet and lit up.


Road Tandem
Small Medium Large Large/Small
Front Seat Tube C/T
20.5″(52.1cm) 22″(55.9cm) 23.5″(59.7cm) 22″(55.9cm)
Rear Seat Tube C/T
16.75″(42.5cm) 18.75″(47.6cm) 20.75″(52.7cm) 16.75″(42.5cm)
Front Seat Tube C/C
17.2″(45.3cm) 19.3″(49.1cm) 20.8″(52.9cm) 18.75″(47.6cm)
Rear Seat Tube C/C
14.2″(36.1cm) 16.2″(41.1cm) 18.2″(46.2cm) 14.2″(36.1cm)
Front Standover* 29.6″(75.3cm) 31″(78.7cm) 32.3″(82.1cm) 31.6″ (80.4cm)
Rear Standover* 26.1″(66.2cm 27.9″(70.9cm) 30.4″(77.2cm) 26.4″(67.2cm)
Front Top Tube
21.5″(54.6cm) 22″(56cm) 22.5″(57.2cm) 22.5″(57.2cm)
Rear Top Tube
28.4″(72.1cm) 28.4″(72.1cm) 28.4″(72.1cm) 28.4″(72.1cm)
Head / Seat Tube
73/73 Deg. 73/73 Deg. 73/73 Deg. 73/73 Deg.
BB Height * 10.5″(27cm) 10.5″(27cm) 10.5″(27cm) 10.5″(27cm)
(See drawing “R”)
14.9″(37.8cm 15″(38.1cm) 15.2″(38.6cm) 15.2″(38.6cm)
(See drawing “S”)
21.7″(55cm) 22.9″(58cm) 23.8″(60.5cm) 23.8″(60.5cm)

*These dimensions are accurate with 1.1″ tires (28mm). Add .5″ (1.3cm) for 1.5″ tires.