The da Vinci frame: built without compromise.

Regardless of component package, the daVinci frame is the foundation and heart of your tandem. Every tube has been designed for the exact stiffness, strength, weight and ride characteristic we are seeking, nothing is off the shelf. We had custom dies made for every tube and the results were well worth it. And, every daVinci tandem has the patented Independent Coasting System (ICS).

Hand Built in Denver Colorado:

Aside from the benefits of the Independent Coasting, you will find that da Vinci Designs tandems are the most comfortable, fast, precise, agile, and stable tandems you will experience. Customers tell us their da Vinci rides more like a single than any other tandem they have ridden. We attribute the ride quality to the race proven geometry, large diameter tubing, careful placement, laser straight alignment and flawless construction.

Tandem Bike Fit

What good is a great bike if it does not fit? We offer several frame sizes to provide a perfect fit for most teams, and custom frames for those who need it without overcharging for this special service. Click here to open fit page

Tandem Frame Materials

Chrome Moly Steel: Built for strength and durability. Steel gives the riders a lifetime of enjoyment. For long distances, this frame has enough flex to be a comfortable ride day after day. Available S&S couplers.

7005 Aluminum: Lighter in weight, accelerate more quickly, resistant to rust and can climb that next hill with less effort. Aluminum can be comfortable. We have engineered the aluminum frame to equal the steel frame in stiffness for a good ride. This is an inexpensive way to save some weight. Couplers not available on aluminum.

Titanium: Realize a light weight frame with the stiffness needed to accelerate quickly and handle turns with precision. Titanium makes the lightest S&S coupled frame. Build the ultimate travel tandem. Plus it is a beautiful metal. Titanium is slightly less stiff and more compliant than steel and aluminum. Available with titanium S&S couplers.

Carbon Fiber: Lightest weight frames (without S&S couplers) and well known for it’s vibration damping qualities. Carbon fiber does take longer to build and every frame is built to order. Plan ahead, it is worth it. Available with S&S couplers.

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Road Tandems

da Vinci Road Tandems are built to cover a lot of miles on roads – comfortably and fast. Road Tandems are for century rides, biking from town to town on the back roads of Italy, setting a new record in your local club’s time trial, or a great way to get to the ice cream shop on the corner.

Symphony Road
(Symphony X is a gravel/adventure version with room for bigger tires)

Dream component package. The best of the best road tandems.
Starting at $15,495
Available in: Titanium, or Carbon Fiber

View Symphony

Joint Venture & Global Venture Road
(Joint Venture X is a gravel/adventure version with room for bigger tires)

High quality component package on a road tandem. This has always been out most popular model.
Starting at $5,495
Available in: Chrome-moly Steel, 7005 Aluminum, Titanium, or Carbon Fiber

View Joint Venture

In-2-ition & Global In-2-ition Road

Same handbuilt frame as above with price-sensitive component package.
Starting at $4,495
Available in: Chrome-moly Steel, or 7005 Aluminum

View In-2-ition Road

Grand Junction

Price point road tandem with an incredible parts list.
Available in: Chrome-moly Steel – Custom Frame options, S&S Couplers, and Custom Paint are not available on this model

View Grand Junction

Off-Road Tandems

da Vinci Off-Road Tandems are built for multi-surface riding. They will handle paved roads or gravel bike paths equally well. With “road” tires, a da Vinci Off-Road Tandem is nearly as efficient as a Road Tandem. With “mountain bike” tires, a da Vinci Off-Road Tandem is a machine ready for your favorite single-track, proving da Vinci tandems are the most versatile bikes on the planet.

Joint AdVenture & Global Venture Off-road

High quality component package on an off-road tandem.
Starting at $5,295
Available in: Chrome-moly Steel, 7005 Aluminum, Titanium, or Carbon

View Joint AdVenture

In-2-ition & Global In-2-ition Mountain

Same hand built frame as above with price-sensitive component package.
Starting at $4,295
Available in: Chrome-moly Steel, or 7005 Aluminum

View In-2-ition Mountain

Suspension Tandems

da Vinci Suspension Tandems are built to take rocks, gravel, sticks, bumps, ruts and make them smooth. Suspension Tandems are for off-road and off-trail adventures: rugged downhills and killer single track. These suspension bikes soak up the pain and make it fun.

Symbiosis XC Front Suspension

This bike is the benchmark cross country offroad tandem.
Perfectly suited for singletrack, fire roads, country roads and bike paths. With a dropped top tube for better standover, more ground clearance, room for fat tires. The Symbiosis XC comes with a race tested suspension fork , 100mm (4″) travel Thudbuster seatpost, front and rear disc brakes.

View Symbiosis XC

Symbiosis Full Suspension

From the beginning in the late 1990’s, the Symbiosis has been an award winning offroad favorite.
They say a rolling stone gathers no moss. Well, the design of the Symbiosis has not gathered any moss with several upgrades over the years and it still rolls over those stones and moss better than any other tandem today.
Whether you value a more comfortable ride when you cruise down your favorite fire road or are looking for a bump-eating downhill racer, the Symbiosis is ready for anything you can dish out. This only-the-best-will-do dream machine has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, the best suspension forks to be found, and all the other high zoot goodies you have grown to expect on a da Vinci.

View Symbiosis

Electric Assist Tandem

Tailwind Road or Mountain

This is our electric assist version of our Joint Venture or Joint Adventure tandems. Built with the powerful Shimano Steps E8000 motor to help flatten the tallest mountains or take the sting out of a killer headwind.
View Tailwind – Electric Assist

Dowload spec and options list for all models. Click here. This is out of date