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This beautiful triple has S&S couplers and can be assembled as a tandem. We built this for my wife, son and I. My son is older now and rides his own bike and it is too nice to have hanging around. You will be amazed at the smiles created riding this. Every single ride we would receive positive comments, thumbs-up, and smiles from everyone.

Joint Venture triple with S&S Couplers than can become a tandem
Freewheeling chainrings on front and middle cranks so everyone can coast independently.
Frame pads to pack bike.
Extra long stoker boom for a little person.
Three hole cranks in the rear.
Hope V-Twin hydro-mechanical disc brakes.
Self-extracting cranks bolts on all three sets of cranks
Cable separators to remove the handlebars and not loose derailleur adjustments. Also extra separators so you can remove a section of cable when you take out a section of frame and not need to readjust the derailleurs when you make your triple a tandem.
The rest of the build is the same as a Joint Venture with Upgrade package #2.
The front top tube is 56cm and it has a pretty low standover.

This bike is at our showroom in Denver.


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Global Joint Adventure with S&S Couplers.
Size Small
I built this tandem for my parents many years ago. It has very few miles on it, and well maintained. It is set up very upright, but all it would take is a front stem and rear bar swap for a more aggressive riding position.
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