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Tell us how your organization will put a world-class tandem bicycle to good use!

We have a winner for 2015

The Blind Stokers Club was founded and is based in San Diego County, with mission to enable the sport of blind tandem cycling for those who cannot see well enough to pilot a bike. Since 2005, the BSC has served over 400, growing from a handful of tandem teams, to more than 35 active tandem teams in 2015, and 130 active local members. Countless miles have been enjoyed by member teams.

The BSC also exports its successful model throughout the country, and helps BVI stokers find tandem pilots anywhere, through an online tandem partner finder database. The BSC networks with similar home-grown blind tandem groups around the country, but has found none larger nor more active.

With regularity, the BSC attracts local intermediate cyclists, who learn about the club from a member or reputation, and want to be part of the teammate cycling model, but are without tandem experience. Conveniently, the club has received occasional performance tandem donations, which become the equipment element of the club’s “Captain-in-Training” program, to introduce a single cyclist to tandeming.

A da Vinci Designs Grand Junction tandem would be added to the BSC’s fleet of serviceable club resource tandems, for outfitting BSC tandem pilots who do not own tandems. In this role, the da Vinci tandem would be expected to serve many BSC pilot-stoker teams logging tens of thousands of miles over the next 20+ years.

www.blindstokersclub.org and www.facebook.com/BlindStokersClub



At da Vinci Designs, we truly love cycling. We’re delighted to have shared the joy of tandem cycling—with our exclusive independent coasting!—with thousands of people worldwide. In fact, hearing about how riding a tandem has changed our customers’ lives for the better is one of biggest motivations.

That’s why da Vinci Designs will be giving away a brand new Grand Junction tandem bicycle this fall to a local group who will really use it and enjoy it. Just submit a brief description of your organization, charity, or non-profit business in the Form below (or email it here), explain how your group will use the tandem to benefit your cause or your clients, and we’ll choose a recipient of the Grand Junction tandem bicycle from all the submitted entries. The deadline for submissions is midnight, November 1, 2015, and the winning organization that will receive the Grand Junction tandem will be announced by December 12th.

Thanks to all of our customers for helping da Vinci Designs become the premier choice in high-quality tandem bicycles! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Good luck! Remember, the deadline for submissions is midnight, November 1, 2015.

– da Vinci Designs, Denver, Colorado

P.S. Last year, da Vinci Designs donated a tandem bicycle to Eyecycle Colorado, an organization that pairs blind and visually impaired individuals with “sight enabled” riders for weekly rides.

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