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da Vinci Designs Direct Drive
American Made Billet Cranks

(150mm to 200mm + 3 hole cranks)

Tandem Bicycle Cranks

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400 grams - Reduce rotating mass without any sacrifices
Impressively Stiff - All your energy goes into every pedal stroke
Single Radius Crank Profile - Allows chainring, front deraileur, chainstay, and ankle clearance while increasing strength and stiffness
Tapered Crank Arms - Put the strength where it is needed and reduces weight
Replaceable / Interchangeable Spider - When the industry changes, or you change your chainring pattern, you don't have to replace your cranks
No Creaking - Design eliminates the creaking associated with three piece cranks
Low 158mm Outside to Outside Q-Factor - Easier on your body
Low Profile Bottom Bracket Spindle - Increases stiffness and reduces weight by using a shorter spindle.
    103mm spindle for road bikes
    107mm spindle for mountain bikes
    103 to 107mm spindle for tandem captain cranks (you can go wider if you like)
    107 to 113mm spindle for tandem stoker cranks

Lengths Available- 150mm -160mm - 165mm - 167.5mm - 170mm - 172.5mm - 175mm - 180mm - 200mm or 130/150/170 Triple Hole Child/Full-size-person Cranks

Spiders Available
- Four Arm 104mm - 64mm
- Standard 110mm - 74mm
-Road 130mm (with 74mm triple option)
-34 tooth Spider/Chainring. This is a replaceable one piece spider/34 tooth chainring. It is lighter, less expensive (no need to buy chainrings and chainring bolts) and perfectly concentric.

Retail Prices
Single Bike or Tandem Front -
    $220 Any length*/Spider combination w/o triple hardware
    For triple chainrings you will need inner chainrings bolts and spacers. Price varies
*200mm Single Bike or Tandem Front $250 - your choice of spider

Tandem Rear -
    $260 Any length*/Spider combinations.

Complete Tandem Cranks - Front and rear cranks (any sizes we make),
34 tooth Crossover/Spiders
FSA ramped and pinned chainrings, your choice (54, 53, 52t Outer), (42, 39t Middle), (32, 30t Inner)
$560* Add $30 for 200mm cranks

Replacement 34 tooth Spider/Chainring - This replacement chainring only fits da Vinci cranks. $38.50

Child Kit
Kit Price with da Vinci Three Hole cranks $380

Includes 130/140/170mm three hole cranks, sliding bottom bracket, spindle, 34t chainring, chain, and hardware. (This is all you need for a da Vinci tandem. A conventional tandem will require a second chainring, long chainrings bolts and spacers between the two left rear chainrings

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Bottom Bracket
$42 ChroMo Spindle - 215g
$117 Titanium Spindle - 160g

High quality JIS square taper bottom brackets with sealed bearings, carbon fiber body, and aluminum cups
Available in 103mm, 107mm, 110mm, 113mm, 118mm - For 68mm shell

Titanium Bicycle Bottom Bracket
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Length Spindle - ChroMoly
Length Spindle - Titanium

da Vinci V-23 Rim
V-23 Tandem Bicycle Rim Cross Section

  • Tandem Duty Rim
  • 2.7mm Thick Spoke Bed for Strength and Longevity
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • 22.9mm Wide - 24mm Tall
  • Available in:  26" 36 hole and 700c 40 hole
  • 26" ERD 532mm - 520 grams
  • 700c ERD 594mm - 570 grams
  • Retail Price $50

    Bicycle Brake booster
    Stress Analysis Designed Brake Stiffener - Use Your Energy to Stop - Not to Flex Your Frame

    Improves your braking
    Reduced "mushy" feeling at your brake levers
    Reduce brake squeal
    Now available in Black

    • We spent several tedious months on the design of these brake boosters. Trial and error with sophisticated stress analysis software -- shaving a few grams here, adding a few grams there, until we came up with the ultimate design of stiffness and light weight.
    • Brake stud spacing range 70 to 92mm (2-3/4" to 3-5/8")
    • Big Stiffy (62 grams) for tires over 1.4". The stiffest big tire brake booster we have experienced. It's not the lightest, but are you looking for a piece of jewelry for your bike or something to improve your braking?
    • Small Stiffy (47 grams) for tires up to 1.4". The Stiffest & Lightest brake booster around. If you are running skinny tires, there is no other choice.
    Retail Price $28

    Easy-Split In-line cable Separators
    Quick - Simple - Light - Reliable - Easy Installation

    Easy-Split Cable Separators Now available in Black or Silver

    Standard Kit Includes: (2) Shift Cable Separators (1) Brake Cable Separator (1) 2mm Allen Wrench
    Retail Price $32

    Standard Easy-Split Kit

    Shifter Kit Includes: (2) Shift Cable Separators (1) 2mm Allen Wrench
    Retail Price $23

    Shifter Kit

    Brake Kit Includes: (1) Brake Cable Separators (1) 2mm Allen Wrench
    Retail Price $13

    Brake Kit


    Easy-Splits also work for quick handlebar conversions.
    If you have compatible road and mountain shifters and derailleurs, as well as compatible brakes. You could easily switch between road and mountain bars for different types of riding.

    Bar Switch Shifter Kit Includes: (2) Shift Cable Separators (2) Extra male halves (1) 2mm Allen Wrench
    Retail Price $34

    Bar Switch Shifter Kit

    Bar Switch Brake Kit Includes: (1) Brake Cable Separators (1) Extra male halve (1) 2mm Allen Wrench
    Retail Price $18

    Bar Switch Brake Kit


    Pro Built Tandem Wheels Tandem Bicycle Wheels
    Click on the thumbnail for full size photo * Rims are now black with machined sidewalls.

    • 26" V-23 rims 36 spokes (more than enough for these rims) or 700c V-23 rims
    • Sapim Spokes. 14/15g (2.0/1.8mm) or 13/15g (2.3/1.8mm) for disc brake wheels
    • White Industries Hubs
    • Professionally hand built with Spoke Prep to reduce spoke loosening and pre-stressed (spokes are over-tensioned by hand to pre-stretch them). Also to reduce maintenance.
    • Available with black hubs and spokes

    26" Front Wheel $225
    26" Disc Front Wheel $255
    26" Rear Wheel Disc or Drum $330
    * Add $20 per wheel for black hubs and spokes

    700c Front Wheel $230
    700c Disc Front Wheel $260
    700c Rear Wheel Disc or Drum $335
    * Add $20 per wheel for black hubs and spokes

    And for the gram counters - 840 grams Front - 1060 grams Rear - Not bad for full blown tandem wheels, ready for years of trouble free service. 
    Add 58 grams per wheel for 700c

    Control Tech Adjustable Stoker Stem $95

    Seatpost clamping diameter 29.8mm or 31.6mm
    27.2mm and 28.6mm shims for 29.8mm post are available.

    Handlebar Diameter:
    26mm (also works with 25.4mm) or 31.8mm (O.S.)

    Long Boom (uncut range 200mm to 255mm)
    Minimum stem length (after cutting) 155mm to 210mm
    X-Long Boom (uncut 235mm to 320mm)

    Click on the thumbnail for full size photo

    ControlTech Tandem Bike Stoker Stem

    Seatpost Diameter
    Handlebar Diameter

    Shim to Fit Stoker Stem to Different Diameter Seatposts $7
    Use with stoker stem for 29.8mm seatpost.

    Size Seatpost

    Spare or Replacement Boom $45 - Extra Long $55

    25.4 / 26mm X-Long boom*** Back in stock

    Handlebar Diameter

    Fixed Length Titanium Stoker Stem
    Titanium Tandem Stoker Stem

    1/2 the weight of an ajustable stoker stem. 188g - $220
    Available in 160mm, 180mm, and 200mm Lengths
    Currently available for 31.6mm Seatpost and 31.8mm OS handlebars. <br>Shim for smaller bars below.
    Click here for measuring instructions

    Shim to use 25.4 or 26mm bars $8


    Custom Rear Derailleur
    Mix different Shifters with Shimano/SRAM 9 or 10 Speed Cassettes.

    Click on the thumbnail for full size photos
    Modified SRAM X.9 Rear Derailleur
    When is the best not good enough?
    Even though we offer a wider range of gears than any other bicycle in the industry, we occasionally have a need for gearing a little lower. The Campagnolo rear derailleurs we have been using for years do not work well with rear cogs larger than 29 tooth. We do not want to give up the reliability, rebuildabilty, comfort and front derailleur trim that only Campy Ergo shifters offer, but ten speed chains are proving to be too finicky and not very durable. Keeping to our Credo of "Drawing outside the chalkboard" we modified SRAM X9 Long cage and Medium cage derailleurs to work with Campy shifters. Now you can use any Campagnolo ten speed Ergo shifter and SRAM or Shimano compatible 9 speed cassette together. The CNC machined aluminum cable guide replaces the plastic one on the back of every X9 or X7 derailleur.

    Available models:
    Campagnolo 10 Speed Shifters and Shimano/SRAM 9 speed Cassette.
    S0-9 Shimano 10 Speed Shifter and Shimano/SRAM 9 speed Cassette.

    Long Cage - Max rear cog 34 tooth - Chain wrap 45 tooth - $135

    Choose Model

    da Vinci Jerseys   Made by Aussie Racing in California USA
    Men's sizes are full zip and Women's sizes are 3/4 zip.
    All our jerseys are Club Cut for a more relaxed fit, but do run smaller than some brands. $75

    Bicycle JerseyBicycle Jersey

    Size - Men's Jersey (Full Zip)
    Size - Women's Jersey (3/4 Zip)

    da Vinci Socks   Made in Colorado USA
    Click on the thumbnail for full size photo

    Bicycle Socks

    Small (Women's 5-8, Euro 35-39.5)
    Med (Men's 7-9, Women's 8.5-10.5, Euro 40-42.5)

    (Men's 9.5-11.5, Women's 11.5-30, Euro 43-45.5)


    da Vinci T-Shirts
    Click on the thumbnail for full size photo

    da Vinci Designs T-Shirt

    6.1oz. 100% cotton
    Unisex sizes - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2XL

    Black, Navy Blue, Heather Gray, or Blue (Like our Jersey and socks)


    Not all sizes and colors are always available.


    da Vinci Pint Glass
    Click on the thumbnail for full size photo

    Made in USA by Libby Glass
    $6 each


    Travel Cases
    Click on the thumbnail for full size photo

    S&S BTC Bicycle Travel Cases

    (Left) Butterfly Latch, Edge Pull - 26x26x10" - 15Lbs. $385
    Butterfly Latch, Combo Pull (Looks like above, but with two sets of wheels so you can pull it either way) 26x26x10" $420
    (Middle- Grey) S&S Deluxe Case, Side Pull - 26x26x10" - 19 Lbs. $550
    S&S Deluxe Case, Side Pull (Wider version of above) - 26x26x12" $585
    (Middle - Black) TriAll3 Sports Clam Shell 30x30x11" - 17 Lbs.
    (Right) TriAll3 Sports Wheel Safe Pro $400 (10 Lbs.)

    Prices only good with S&S bike purchase

    Travel Padding - Crank Bags and Drivetrain Cover
    Click on the thumbnail for full size photo

    Protect your cranks and the parts around them. Order two for a tandem. Will work with cranks up to 180mm with 34 tooth chainrings. $16 each

    Drivetrain cover is designed to cover the gears when your tandem is assembled or when the your tandem is disassembled for travel. It works great to keep your interior clean if you transport your tandem in a car or van. In the travel case it will help protect the other frame parts and the gears from damage. $24